Wedding Day Morning Mishaps

entry by Jana Hughes of Mobile Beauty Service

Brides typically spend months, if not years, fine-tuning all the details of their upcoming Wedding Day.  From writing nuptials, to choosing a cake, flowers, and music, the Bride is daunted with tasks centered on the ceremony and reception. But there is one aspect of the Wedding Day that I see Brides notoriously under plan: the Wedding Day morning!

As a specialist in Wedding Day makeup and hairstyling on location, I’ve spent countless mornings with Brides, their friends and their families in their homes, hotel suites, and event sites. No matter how much thought and planning goes into this day, I often see Brides blindsided by these 5 common mistakes:

  1. LACK OF ENTERTAINMENT.  The Wedding Party likely had a fun, late night at the Rehearsal Dinner Party the night before. Whether it’s 6 am or 10 am, it’s usually way too early for everyone to get motivated for the Big Day ahead. Upbeat music and wedding-themed DVDs help everyone get excited and energized for the day. Make sure the place you will all be getting ready at has a source to play ipods and mp3 players. If not, bring a portable one.  If there is a TV/DVD player combo, remember to queue up Netflix or rent your fave DVDs in advance.
  2. LACK OF FOOD & DRINKS. Keep the crowd hydrated, caffeinated, and well fed. This is usually the one and only opportunity to eat before the reception! 
  3. If you don’t have a coffeemaker where you’re getting ready, order a pot of coffee and a carafe of water from room service or send someone out on a coffee run. Have a case of bottled water on hand too. Sometimes the family will prepare a buffet-style meal for the party to graze upon all morning, but simply providing a few platters of snacks or sandwiches does the job just as well.
  4. EXCESS OF DRINKS. Mimosas are popular with the Bridesmaids. If you decide to serve them, designate someone with experience to uncork the champagne. I’ve seen many corks fly off out of control, knocking things over causing unexpected stains or damage. Also, be sure to have someone responsible mixing the drinks.  Bridesmaids drinking too much on an empty stomach before the pre-ceremony photos can make for a really, really long day that can end in embarrassment and resentment. Make a plan to prevent this!
  5. WRINKLED WEDDING APPAREL. The Bride’s dress has undoubtedly been hanging perfectly shaped in a spare bedroom for weeks. Not so true of the Wedding Party’s attire.  It is inevitable that someone will arrive with a smushed dress or wrap. Have a hand-held steamer on hand just in case. If it’s new or borrowed, make sure to test it out in advance so you know how to use it properly.
  6. RELYING ON MOM OR MOH TO HANDLE EMERGENCIES. Things sometimes happen. Designate a family member or friend (who is not in the Wedding Party) to be on call to run errands or pick up things as needed in an “emergency” situation. Wedding day “emergencies” that I’ve witnessed are things such as:
  • finding super glue to repair a broken cake topper,
  • buying a replacement aisle runner,
  • picking up someone’s forgotten shoes or jewelry left at their home,
  • running to Safeway to get flowers to make hand-tied bouquets

These are the most common issues I witness on Wedding Day mornings. With a little extra forethought and some good friends on hand, the morning of your Big Day should go off without a hitch!