Three Key Components When Considering Special Event Lighting

entry by Brandii Burke, Silhouette Lighting

Lighting positively enhances the mood of any event. You can create the ambiance that you desire with proper lighting. From simple elegance to elaborate theatrics, setting aside a lighting budget for your event will ensure guests remember it forever.


  1. Up lighting: Lighting the walls with a fixture placed on the floor.
    Two options are available: LEDs and conventional stage lighting. Both offer your choice of color. LEDs mix the color internally while stage lights use an external filter or "gel". LEDs consume less electricity therefore allowing you to plug more into a wall outlet and they also produce less heat. An important element to consider when deciding how many young children will be attending your event. 
  2. Gobo projection: Personalize your special event!
    A custom monogram projected on the dance floor or wall in light not only adds a special touch, it can serve as functional lighting. As an exanmple, most garter and bouquet tosses occur from the dance floor, the gobo projection can highlight this important moment during reception. Thus making it easy for guests to participate in the photo opportunity!
  3. Do-it-yourself or hire professionals, the considerations:
    - How elaborate is your lighting design?

    - Will you have a vehicle large enough to transport the equipment?

    - How early can you set up and when do you have to remove the equipment?

    - Who will be responsible for the set-up and tear down as well as  the potential for loss and damage to equipment?

    Renting may save you money but it will consume a lot of your time. Time that is precious, particularly in those critical moments leading up to your special event. Hiring professioanl technicians to offer design suggestions, set and remove equipment will give you significant piece of mind. It will allow you and your guests the opportunity to enjoy the moment that has been so eagerly anticipated.

Ready to illuminate your special day? Contact Silhouette Lights and Staging and ask for Brandii or Denny. We would be happy to speak with you about how we can assist in creating your perfect ambiance!