Cold Soups and Summer Catering


entry by Scott Cook of Ambrosia Bistro 


ambrosiaMore and more I have been trying to steer couples toward using a cold soup “shooter”as an appetizer or starter for their outdoor wedding receptions. Why?

  1.      They're visually appealing and many can be coordinated with the
             bride's colors.
  2.      They're refreshing on a hot summer day
  3.      They're a lot of fun!

We have used both fruit and vegetable soups and both types have been very well received. Some of our favorites are white peach and champagne, English pea and mint, cantaloupe and ginger, and tomato basil water. The great thing about fruit soups is they are naturally sweet so there is no added sugar, and they meet a wide variety of dietary restrictions.


Savory soups can be spicy and have some texture like a classic gazpacho, or smooth and silky like a vichyssoise .If you are using a sparkling wine or sparkling cider, add it just before serving, or, if you have someone manning an appetizer station, have them top it off for the guest at the last minute.


Garnish with some star fruit, fresh berries, or prosciutto crisps, and your little shooter makes a big impact.