Consider Your Colors


entry by Esther Ryan, Special Touch Floral Studio

The best part about a summer wedding has to be the large color palette available.

You have all of the best combinations to choose from:

  1. Romantic Ivory and Champagne
  2. Frisky Orange and Hot Pink
  3. Outdoorsy Brown and Green
  4. Feminine Pink and White
  5. 2Bold Orange and Purple
  6. Masculine Green and Blue
  7. and even the The Works (pink, lavender, blue, peach, yellow, etc.)

Flowers come in a wide array of colors. A little research can help you pick your colors. Not all flowers come in all colors. Paint chips from the hardware store help you decide on a color combo but most of them are colors that mother nature had nothing to do with and that can throw you for a loop. A really great web site called Sierra Flower Finder is awesome for showing you the different colors that a flower may be grown in.


Most colors look great together, but if you have a concern it is a good idea to go to your florist and see if they can gather up some of the flowers that you are interested in so that you can see the actual flower and color combination in person. This could take a few days so plan ahead and be patient.

3Blue has been a really popular color this year. I wish that there were more blue flowers to choose from (if you can come up with a natural blue rose you will be rich!). The great thing about blue, any shade of blue, is that everything else looks great with it! Navy blue with bold colors like pink or orange and yellow or purple, or soft blue with white and lavender, or even medium blue with green and pink and brown. All great looks that can help you create a theme.


When considering your colors for your wedding take a look not only at the colors of the dresses and what looks good on your attendants, but also the flowers that mya be available for the season and the colors that they are grown in.


Be creative and have fun with your colors!