Wedding Photography


entry by Beautiful Photo Studio


Every bridal magazine has a huge pull out section of questions to ask photographers when trying to select "the" photographer for your wedding. Every photographer has had at least one couple come in with that list in hand asking about equipment, timing, references etc.... so let's get down to the nitty gritty. What do you really want from your photographer? That's the question that should be on your questions list! So before you even start looking for a photographer, sit down with your fiance and make a list of your own.


Do you want someone to be there all day long from the second you start getting your make-up on until the last guest leaves the party? Do you want a photographer to make suggestions or to just sit back and capture the day as it unfolds? Think about personality, who do you get along with?


Consider what you want to do with any images AFTER the wedding! Do you want a bunch of prints to put up on your wall, or a nice album and and one big print or maybe just a handful of photos to give to your bridal party and parents? Knowing what you want to do with the images later will help your photographer plan on what and how they are shooting.


Do you like the more emotional photos or the "good face" photos? Even if you like emotional, or candid images, it's always a good idea to do the traditional formals, if for no other reason than just in case someone in your bridal party becomes super famous some day. It's happened to us, so I know it can happen! Plus, it's always nice to be able to look back and see the faces of everyone who were with you on your special day. But really, how do you want the remember the day? Find out how the photographers can help you do that!


Of course you'll ask for examples. Sure you'll ask for references. You should. You need to ask what the deposit is. Ask if they accept payment arrangements. See if they'll provide a free engagement session so you can see if you get along okay. Doesn't hurt to ask!


Once you choose your photographer, you should also ask for a consultation to review the wedding day so that you all know what's going on. It doesn't hurt to give your photographer a timeline of how you expect the day to unfold, and feel free to start ripping pictures you like out of wedding magazines. It will help them understand what you really like to see! It doesnt' hurt to go over these details, whether it's the style of dress you choose or your centerpieces; the more information a photographer has up front the more they can plan to make your day glorious in the photos you see afterwards!


Sometimes, as a wedding photographer, we end up helping plan the whole day, we do lots of weddings and know how to anticipate and ract to any situation. The most important thing is to be comfortable with your photographer. If you're comfortable with them, your day will be smooth sailing!


Feel free to call us with any questions, big or small, we just want your day to be perfect!