Choosing your Videographer

entry by Celeste Horpel, Alpha Video Services


Specializing in weddings and having hundreds of video weddings under our belts,  we at Alpha Video Services feel we have some good information for you as you are "wedding shopping".


Several important things to think about;
The most important is;
Much time and a small fortune will be spent on your location, the food & cake, flowers, music, the wedding day attire for the entire bridal party, not to mention your expensive dress!
After all of these years in business, we find that many brides still don't stop to ponder, "What is the best medium I can use to preserve my day and help me remember all that was there?".    All of that, along with your guests and the emotions of the day can be best captured on video....LIVE!!!   The formal photography is very important, but include video , and you capture the personality and emotions of the day, PLUS the memories!  When done professionally, video is the only medium that brings you as close to "being there" as you'll ever get.
Also very important;
Find a videographer who is intent on staying out of your photographer's way.  After all, you have hired him/her to get your pictures.  Experienced videographers have "manners" enough to document the day without ruining the photographer's shots.  Both professionals should work together in harmony to help the couple get good results from each business they hired.  That's a win-win situation for everyone.
As you think about video, be sure to watch samples before you decide to use someone.  Do not use "Uncle Harry"!  The results are usually a huge disappointment, and you will only watch your video once because it's so poorly done.  It will  either be out of focus, shaky, no sound during the vows, or he misses some reception event because he was visiting someone or ran out of batteries..or all of the above!  Hire a professional  who is experienced with weddings, brings back-up equipment and who proves, through samples, that the shots are smooth, easy and interesting to watch, and captures the sound with professional mic-ing. Anyone can say they can use a video camera but the proof is in the samples.
Emotional additions to the video;  Have the videographer come for the first look.  That portion of the day is best served by video because it shows the emotions of the moment.  It is a priceless moment. However that means hiring the videographer for more time, but it is well worth it.
Fun additions to the video; Guests always seem to jump in front of the camera unsolicited, wishing you the best.  Why not have the videographer take people off to the side during the reception and have them speak to you on camera.  Often times, 4 or 5 guests will join together to do it and it can end up quite fun to watch.  Also, that is a wonderful time to get Grandma or Grampa or a sis whose health is waning, to get on camera to record them & have those memories  for when they're gone.  Professional mic-ing should be used at this time, as well.
A fantasy addition to the video;  The twirl. This shows off the bride's dress/veil in all its splendor...Very pretty moments!
The reason for video is to help the couple re-live the day, and forever see the results of their hard work, planning and expenditure of money on such a special, memorable day. 
But the GOAL is to have the bride and groom emotionally connect even more with each other as they watch their video each time, reminding them of the love they had for each other on their wedding day, which helps re-kindle their love through good times and hard times.
Enjoy your wedding day!  It's such a fun and special day!