Packing for your Trip


entry by Dan Conlon, Conlon Travel


Travel Light
With the price of checked luggage fees and the physical strain of carrying lots of bags, "Travel Light" might be worth checking out before your next trip.

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Wedding Photography


entry by Beautiful Photo Studio


Every bridal magazine has a huge pull out section of questions to ask photographers when trying to select "the" photographer for your wedding. Every photographer has had at least one couple come in with that list in hand asking about equipment, timing, references etc.... so let's get down to the nitty gritty. What do you really want from your photographer? That's the question that should be on your questions list! So before you even start looking for a photographer, sit down with your fiance and make a list of your own.

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Consider Your Colors


entry by Esther Ryan, Special Touch Floral Studio

The best part about a summer wedding has to be the large color palette available.

You have all of the best combinations to choose from:

  1. Romantic Ivory and Champagne
  2. Frisky Orange and Hot Pink

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Cold Soups and Summer Catering


entry by Scott Cook of Ambrosia Bistro 


ambrosiaMore and more I have been trying to steer couples toward using a cold soup “shooter”as an appetizer or starter for their outdoor wedding receptions. Why?

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